Thursday, September 6, 2012

Questions to Ask Every Event Planner
There are some important questions to ask yourself and any planner you are considering working with.

The first thing to decide is do you need an event planner?

The guidelines are:

If you don't have 12 hours a week (more as the wedding approaches) to
work on planning your wedding,
You want to invite more than 100 guests,
You don't have a full service venue, OR
You're planning a destination wedding,

Then you need the help of an event planner!

So, on to the 7 essential questions to ask any planner you are
considering working with.

1. What services do you offer?
We offer a range of services, from set up and breakdown, to day-of
coordination, and full event production.

2. What services are included in Full Service Coordination vs. Day-of Coordination?
Whereas Day-of Coordination only involves ensuring your event itself runs smoothly from start to finish and acting as a liaison and go-to person for you, your vendors, and your guests; Full Service Coordination involves a more active role in the event planning.  We can make vendor and venue recommendations, negotiate contracts, and provide creative input.

3. Are you able to work within my budget?
With our range of vendors and a la carte services we can fit into any budget.

4. How do you charge?
This depends on what you need.  For Day-of Coordination we charge by event hour.  For example, for a 6 hour wedding, you'll be charged those 6 hours, and all communications and meetings prior to the event are included (up to 3 in-person meetings including the rehearsal).  We also charge by the hour for setup and breakdown services.  For Full Service Coordination, we generally charge a percentage of your total event budget, based on your needs.

5. Do you have a list of preferred vendors?
We have several vendors in each category that we work with.

6. Will you work with any vendor I choose?
We are always happy to work with any vendor you choose.

7. How long have you been in business? 
I've worked in the event industry here for over 15 years. For the past five years I've focused on event planning and coordinating, and it's become not only my job but my passion! 

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